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Farm Duck Eggs

Farm Duck Eggs

Our farm duck eggs are layed by our free-ranging hens. The hens have access to the entire property where they forage for plants and insects. They are supplemented by organic, non-GMO feed and loads of fresh produce. These eggs are very nutritionally dense, you cannot buy these at the store! Expect deep, rich orange yolks. Some staining on shells is to be expected as ducks bury their nests.


Many people ask how duck eggs are different than chicken eggs. It's been long known that duck eggs are superior for rising and baking. They contain more protein per ounce than chicken eggs and are approximately 50% larger than chicken eggs, on average. Duck egg shells are a bit thicker than chicken egg shells and the eggs themselves are wonderful. Duck eggs are the Farmer's personal favorite.


$8 per dozen. Farm pickup for fresh eggs, no shipping available.

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