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Kune Kune Pastured Pork, Whole Pig

Kune Kune Pastured Pork, Whole Pig

Kune Kune Pigs are a slow growing, heritage breed out of New Zealand. They are known for their calm, friendly dispositions and their propensity to graze.

Our pigs are raised on our chemical-free forage pasture and loads of fresh produce making their meat and fat especially flavorful and nutritious. They are never fed slop, pig feed, or meat products or derivatives of any kind.

These pigs are ready for harvest at around 18 months, giving their meat plenty of time to mature and marble. This pork will not be like what you find in the store, typically a lean, fast-growing pork raised on feed, but will instead be a deep, rich pink color with a flavor more likened to ribeye.

We offer our pigs at $12 a pound, hanging weight. Typical hanging weight is 125-150 pounds. This price includes slaughter and butchering. If you'd like to order a whole pig, we can accommodate special butchering requests, though there may be extra fees according to the butcher's fee structure. Pick up will be from Butcher Boys in Puyallup.

Our pork is available seasonally beginning in 2023 and requires a $200 deposit. We will email you when your pork is ready for processing.

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