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Grass-Fed Pastured Lamb, Whole

Grass-Fed Pastured Lamb, Whole

Our lambs are raised on pasture on our permaculture farm. Our pastures are free of chemicals and are full of healthy forage grasses. They are raised with their mothers and the herd, leading happy, healthy, natural lives. The resulting grass-fed meat is rich and flavorful and full of healthy fats.

We treat all of our animals with dignity and respect as this is one of the three founding tenants of our farm. We believe that love of animals can co-exist in a farming environment, and we strive to achieve that every day. All slaughter takes place on our farm to eliminate stress for the animals.

Our whole lambs are $350. These sheep are less than one year old and have mild, tender meat. Hanging weight is typically 30-40 pounds. This price does not include slaughter and butchering fees of $90 and $1 per pound, respectively. We can accommodate special cutting options, though there may be additional fees according to the butcher's fee schedule. Your meat will be sent to Butcher Boys in Puyallup for butchering. You will provide them with your desired cuts, and you will pick them up directly from them.

$100 deposit required with the remainder due at harvest.

Lambs are available seasonally. If you would like to reserve a lamb, we require a $100 deposit. We will email you when your lamb is ready for harvest.

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